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Why, even small companies need advanced CRM Systems for increasing profit!

Many small businesses never consider upgrading their business technology to CRM Systems due to their firm belief in the myth that only big businesses can use CRM System within their organization. Their resistance to spending that extra money for implementing and managing the CRM also plays a major role in holding them back.

Due to the small size of their business, they find a confident control in following the Traditional Process for managing the Client’s Data, internal process, the work in progress status and the challenges of communication gaps within the team. And despite all this, the bottle neck still remains where entrepreneurs struggle to find out why their potential business is not growing at the expected pace.

CRM is much more than just a nice interaction with the Customers. CRM promises increased profits. Pareto’s Principle affirms that 20% of a company's customers generate 80% of its profits. Moreover, a study by Science Direct reveals that it takes 2 to 3 calls to sell an existing customer and a 5% increase in retaining existing customers translate into 25% or more increase in profitability.

A well designed CRM System promises :

1. Smart Professional and Organised Work process that saves time: CRM lets you stay organized by offering every single detail about the customer, the project details along with the status, the team involved, the interaction and communication history, and it's status and ensuring your communication history. Storing and managing contacts in a single customer database avoid wasting tons of time looking for a particular contact or gathering all the needed data. This data organization also supports in quickly creating various Analytic, Reports and possible forecasts, useful for MIS and strategy planning.

2. Efficient lead conversions that support increased revenue generation: The most potential benefit of using CRM is the ability to increase sales. Nurturing your leads by organizing them and their conversion process status multiplies successful lead conversions into sales. Traditional marketing campaigns are aimed at a nonspecific audience. A CRM offers a personalized space to each customer enhancing the overall customer experience, thus supporting in building a loyal customer base. The Marketing automation feature allows setting targeted ads that reach most susceptible users online which in turn helps in measuring advertising campaigns.

3. Optimized Touch Points within Sales and Marketing Funnels: Sales team is one of the essential resources that provide information on Consumer Behaviour trends and Competition activity at the Ground level. With a vast sales and marketing team to manage and at the same time to stand out amongst competitors, a CRM system offers features of pipeline management, task management, status review, competition activity tracker, consumer trend analysis and various analytical tools. This speeds up the entire management process and also offers powerful insights on consumer behaviour.

4. A cohesive Centralised System for Transparent and Enthusiastic Team Management: A CRM system unifies customer information among employees and team members, as efficiently as possible, in real-time. The team will not have to waste countless hours looking for various information. It also supports the measurement of an advertising agency and other third-party performance, for understanding the gaps in briefing and timely decision making.

5. Convenience with quick e-mail response, Mobile Compatibility: CRM and email integration system on Mobile Phones helps to reduce the time taking the manual process. This helps in staying on top of emails and keeps all sales and marketing representatives on the same platform.

6. Social Media Integration: With the advancement is CRM Systems, Social CRM allow gathering data about customers’ behaviour on social media as well as communicate with them on those social media. It usually includes tracking content acceptance metrics, repeat visits, content acceptance, search volumes, etc. thus supporting to maintain an active Customer Database and also facilitates to personalize the customer experience.

7. Cost-Effective Cloud-based CRM systems instead of Costly Server CRM set up: Unlike Server-based expensive CRMs, cost-effective Cloud-based advanced CRMs are available that ensure enhanced security, competitiveness, mobility, maintenance, and disaster recovery.

You will never want your successful small business to always remain small. The rise in CRM System implementation is not an accidental revolution. It is a well thought and need-based advanced technology which holds the tremendous potential to give small business, yet another big leap. The bottom line is, that to grab that competitive edge and be at the same pace with today’s technological advancements, its high time that even small companies switch to the world of interactive CRM Systems.

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