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CRM: Best practice in sales pipeline management

A business cannot exist without sales which include a sequence of repeatable steps (from identifying prospects, pursuing them and closing the deal fruitfully) each time and this is also called the sales process. In order to implement the sales process successfully, it is necessary to have the sales pipeline in place. In fact, sales pipeline management is crucial to any business and is the backbone of entire sales process.

What is sales pipeline management?

A clear visual representation of every stage in a sales process so that business can easily identify where its qualified leads are in their journey towards conversion is called sales pipeline management. In fact, sales pipeline gives a snapshot of the total number of opportunities across different stages including number of open leads and what could be the best possible future course to convert each prospect. Thus, sales pipeline management is extremely essential for businesses to remain organised and earn maximum revenue over the period of time through increased sales. In fact, as per the study by the Harvard Business Review, “18 per cent difference was found in revenue growth between companies that had a formal sales process or sales pipeline management and companies that didn’t.”

Having said that and in order to beat the increasing competition and master the sales pipeline management, companies across segments are increasingly adopting software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This sales software helps the companies in effectively managing their sales processes and lets them visualise, manage and track the progress of every deal in the pipeline. This makes CRM one of the best practices in sales pipeline management which can help businesses keep track of all their sales activities. Here, it is important to mention that of the various CRM tool available in the market, empluse CRM is the best sales CRM software as it can offer various advantages for efficient sales pipeline management.

The benefits of eMsales CRM software in sales pipeline management

1. Aligns sales and marketing: eMsales CRM software with built-in marketing automation can help the marketing and sales teams to form a tight synergy that can allow the companies to better manage their sales pipeline and close more deals.

2. Nurtures leads: eMsales CRM can help in collecting extensive amount of customer data so as to help in nurturing the leads in the sales pipeline.

3. Stores all customer data at one place which makes lead tracking easy: eMsales’ client CRM software keeps all the customer data including (contact details, purchase history, interaction summaries, future meetings etc.,) at a centralised location, promoting ease of access for the sales representatives. Further, geographic location of the leads is also recorded through eMsales CRM. All this helps the salesperson to easily follow up with each lead and ensures that every prospect gets the required attention at the right time. This also results in streamlining the sale process.

4. Helps in lead forecasting: eMsales CRM can also help in knowing how many deals can be closed in future and this gives an accurate idea of future revenue.

5. Automates several processes: There is no requirement of manually recording the customer data as all the processes are automated in the sales CRM of eMsales.

6. Regularly checks the sales pipeline: eMsales CRM also allows the businesses to regularly check the health of the sales pipeline and ensure that there are enough leads at each stage which are converted by the sales representatives. This also helps in identifying any bottlenecks in the sales process.

In a nutshell

A sales pipeline is extremely important for business growth and profit. An effective sales pipeline and process can increase the rate of overall customer satisfaction, loyalty and in turn, customer acquisition. Thus, if the sales pipeline is not managed properly, businesses may have to suffer a lot. Here comes the importance of the CRM software and that too the empulsesales CRM. It is user-friendly, easily customisable and easy-to-use. Further, it can not only help in managing and creating a visible sales cycle but it can also assemble the diverse segment of sales process on a common sales pipeline dashboard. Thus, undoubtedly, eMsales can be considered as the best CRM solution available in the market and can be your best bet for the effective sales pipeline management.

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