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How eMsales can help small and medium enterprises’ customer focus?

In the present day scenario, it is extremely essential for the SMEs to identify, prioritise and minimise their business challenges in order to be more competitive and relevant in the business world. For that, it is necessary that they deliver better customer value, retain customers and have good relationship with the customers. Here, comes the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that can improve sales, increase profits and help the SMEs achieve success in the longer run.

As a matter of fact, the ultimate goal of CRM is to help the companies turn into customer-focused organisations that conduct business process focussed on customers. It is due to this reason that now many SMEs are adopting the CRM software that help them in collecting, analysing and managing customer-related information in order to satisfy customer needs, establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship and gain competitive advantage over the competitors. However, at present, only 25 per cent (approx) SMEs have adopted business management software like CRM tool (as per the recent survey conducted by Tally and Kantar). Thus, there is huge scope of growth for the SMEs, if they introduce sales CRM software in their business functioning. In fact, if studies are to be believed then companies who adopt Sales CRM as a corporate strategy are expected to grow at a faster pace than others. So, CRM for SMEs becomes absolutely necessary.

Now, how do you define CRM tool? Well, in simple words, CRM sales software is a comprehensive strategy and a core organisational process that enables an organisation to identify, acquire, retain, maintain and nurture profitable customers and maximise the relationship with all the customers. In other words, CRM software aids the company in having an integrated view of potential and existing customers, generating and nurturing leads, building a good sales pipeline, monitoring customer data, responding to customer needs, streamlining tasks and closing sales successfully.

Among various CRM software available in the market, Empulsesales CRM is the best CRMsolution. It is affordable and armed with user-friendly, easily customisable and easy-to-use CRM tools and through it, SMEs can record all their sales activities at one place. It can greatly help the SMEs to increase their customer focus.

How eMsales CRM helps SMEs increase customer focus?

In common parlance, customer focus means the link between customer needs and customer satisfaction. Customer focus practices include customer relationship, collection of information on customer needs and dissemination of information collected on customer needs within the organisation and responsiveness to that information. Typically, good knowledge of customer needs increases customer satisfaction, relationship, loyalty and encourages repeat business. This exactly what eMsales CRM does. By maintaining a fruitful relationship with the customers, eMsales CRM software increases loyalty as well as customer retention which in turn can affect the revenue of the company positively.

That said, in today’s highly competitive business environment, SMEs are continuously searching for ways to maintain their competitiveness and increasing customer focus is their key need and eMsales CRM does this easily for them. Simply, eMsales CRM can help SMEs to turn prospects into customers, grow sales and client profitability and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Other benefits of eMsales CRM

Apart from the above, eMpulse CRM software can build and pursue the right leads as it keeps the sales prospects with the detailed planner, prioritises the leads and opportunities and ensures that all the opportunities are rightly converted. eMsales CRM can also increase access to information for sales by ensuring that all the sales content and lead data is stored at one place. It can also streamline the sale process and maintain a complete record of the business opportunity with relevant data such as source of the lead, closing probability and deal closing date among other details. eMsales CRM can also increase efficiency and accuracy and reduce errors as the task of manually recording all customer data is erased out and this saves time, effort and cost involved in closing the sale.

In a nutshell

It goes without saying that customers are at the core of any business enterprise, be it big or small, as it’s the customers and not the products or services that hold the key to profitability and same is true with the SMEs. eMsales client CRM software can greatly help the SMEs in identifying customers, creating customer knowledge, building customer relationships and shaping their perceptions of the organisation and its products. In fact, for SMEs, Empulse CRM can prove to be not just a technology but a new way of doing business and can greatly help them in increasing the customer focus.

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