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How eMsales CRM can help you in increasing your business?

Be it any business, big or small, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the key to improve sales, increase profits and achieve success. It is for this reason that CRM software is increasingly being used by the companies these days. In fact, as per a Gartner report, CRM became the largest software market in 2017 and the market is expected to reach $80 billion by 2025. Here comes the question as to what exactly is the CRM tool?

About sales CRM software

Sales CRM is a tool that primarily helps the companies in managing relationship with their customers. It aids the company in generating and nurturing leads, building a good sales pipeline, monitoring customer data, responding to customer needs, streamlining tasks and closing sales successfully.

While there are many CRM sales software available in the market, Empulsesales CRM is one of the best CRM software. How? Here is a detailed look at how eMsales CRM can help you in increasing your business…

Why eMsales CRM?

Since businesses today thrive in an extremely competitive environment, implementing a CRM tool can drastically give a boost to the sales and Empulse CRM does just that.

  • 1. Builds and pursues the right leads: Lead generation is primary in the sales cycle and eMsales CRM software can help in generating higher quality leads for the business. Well, as per market reports, “Nearly 79 per cent of all marketing leads are never converted to sales without a CRM system.” In such a scenario, eMsales CRM application keeps the sales prospects with the detailed planner, prioritises the leads and opportunities and ensures that all the opportunities are rightly converted.
  • 2. Increases access to information for more sales: eMsales CRM ensures that all the sales content and lead data is stored at one place for quick and easy access. For that, it creates a simple user interface for collection of data. In fact, with eMsales, businesses can record all contact details of the customers such as their name, designation, email ID, phone number, mailing address and every other bit of information at one place.
  • 3. Streamlines the sales process: Each option in the eMsales CRM application is designed for easy organisation and planning of tasks necessary in the sales process. Through the ‘Sales’ option, an all-round coverage from beginning to end of sales can be maintained. Also, complete record of the business opportunity such as region, sales stage, closing probability and more can be maintained through the CRM software.
  • 4. Creates loyalty and increases customer retention: It is a known fact that building and maintaining quality relationship with customers is one of the core factors for business growth and eMsales does that with ease. By maintaining a fruitful relationship with the customers, eMsales CRM software increases loyalty as well as customer retention which in turn have the potential to affect the revenue of the company positively. This is because as per Harvard Business Review, “A five per cent reduction in your customer defection rate can increase profits 25–85 per cent.”
  • 5. Saves time and money of the organisation: The time-consuming task of manually recording all customer data is erased out through eMpulse CRM system and this can save considerable time and efforts of the sales managers and in turn lead to more profits. Also, the CRM software can reduce the chance of mistakes which again can have an impact on the profit margins of the company. Last, but not the least, eMpulse CRM software also helps in cutting down the overall time and cost involved in closing the sale.

In a nutshell

The eMsales client CRM software has all what it takes to improve your business performance and manage the customer relationship of your organisation in an effective manner. It is user-friendly, easily customisable and easy-to-use and through it, you can record all your sales activities at one place. Thus, definitely eMsales can be your best bet for maximum ROI in minimum required time for the business.

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